BACON. Delicate and tasty Bacon buds. For fabulous appetizers
CAPOCOLLO. From the noblest part of the pig, a snack to be enjoyed with friends
OPENED BACONYoumust try a variation of the classic Bacon
The CLASSIC SALAMI Lean enoughfor a quick meal really special
THE CHEEK LARD Excellent as an ingredient to try even alone

Salami of Cilento

To Prignano, in the heart of the Cilento National Park, between waters and wide expanses of Woods, the tasty of the salumificio Don Vincenzo.

Carefully selected meats, the best parts of strictly reared pigs with natural and wholesome products constitute the raw material of salami created and primarily edited by a passion, is slow and precise gestures, of patience and waiting to give the cuts time to maturity.


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